Stories from the Outside Inn - presentation weekend in Leeds
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Stories from the Outside Inn - presentation weekend in Leeds

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Stories From the Outside Inn is a creative communication training program created and hosted by Nick Kemp and Doug O’Brien, which delivers much better presentation and story telling skills. This workshop is highly interactive and experience based so anyone can benefit from better communication skills. We’ve already trained company directors, teachers, actors, parents, doctors, singers, sales people, self employed, students, therapists, coaches, bloggers and a whole range of people just like YOU! This event is hosted in New York and the UK each year.

Here’s Some of What You Get From This Communication Training

It’s not hard to see how this unique communication training course gives you an advantage. Here are just a few real world applications:

• Become a more effective presenter than you ever thought possible.
• Learn how to influence yourself and others more easily.
• Discover the art of tapping into your own creative talent.
• Explore the art of storytelling and how to use it to help yourself and others.
• Learn how to develop better communication for business, personal development, coaching, therapy and presentation situations.

e-mail for dates of UK and New York events


The  Leeds weekend Oct 7/8th 2017 held at the Met Hotel in Leeds city centre, see The Met Leeds